Welcome to the official website for The Old Suttonian Association. A site dedicated to and run on behalf of the alumni and ex-staff of Plymouth's Sutton High School For Boys which closed in 1986.

Sutton High School was founded in September 1926; this site was created  in July 2012! The Old Suttonian Association was formed some time in between.


Next Old Sutts Committee Meeting is at the Plymouth Cricket Pavilion, Mount Wise at 7pm on Monday 27th January 2020



A group of former Sutton High School pupils who left the school in 1971 are looking to stage a 50th anniversary reunion event in 2021. They have earmarked the weekend of 25th to 27th June 2021 for the reunion event in Plymouth. It is being organised independently of the Old Suttonian Association and is being co-ordinated by Pete Marner. The Association is simply facilitating contact between Pete and anyone from his peer group who is interested in the reunion. If you wish to contact Pete you can e-mail him here.

For other future events please see 
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